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Enterprise resource planning & Implementation

Today, technology drives much of the world of industry. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems enable businesses to achieve higher productivity levels and improve the bottom line. An ERP implementation may also be one of the organization’s most disruptive and strategically critical projects, with the potential for productivity loss and negative organizational impacts among the greatest risks. In order to make the project a success, most businesses that launch an ERP platform must devote a huge amount of internal resources.

The Synergy One Consulting team provides excellent ERP implementation expertise and their consultants have the skills and knowledge required to push even complex and time-sensitive system implementations from planning to execution to execution. Synergy One Consulting project management experts have what it takes to completely and reliably evaluate risks for each project, to create realistic schedules that take into account the availability of resources for each company, and our approach enables ERP projects to be managed at each phase to avoid delays and organizational conflicts. We have the skills and resources to help drive the kind of final outcomes that push businesses into the future.

A crucial component of implementation success is the project management experience. 

Implementations must be organized to ensure that resource requirements do not cause inconsistencies and that workflows are designed to efficiently integrate the new program with existing processes, whether an ERP system is being implemented at one central office or across several locations within the organization.

A project management strategy that really works The approach of Synergy One Consulting project management has an established track record of performance. The team of experts at Synergy One Consultancy focuses on meeting the technology deployment needs of each company while remaining within specified resource and time allocations.

Our preparation methodology helps the team to build a strategy that is correctly and reliably established for the first time. They collect estimates of mission length and delegate responsibility at the person level for activities. To monitor progress and ensure crucial milestones remain on track, comprehensive project controls are used.

Avoid costly delays

Large expenditures and other disturbances are correlated with delays in implementing an ERP. Such programs are known for achieving outcomes, and that’s how businesses also assess their performance. Synergy One consultants understand how disruptive the installation of an ERP system can be and the value of ensuring proper deployment for the first time. Every day a business is late to move to the new platform, they are losing out on the planned return on their technology investment. Our systematic approach for project management guarantees that the project outcomes of an ERP implementation are not diluted by a sliding schedule or costly follow-on projects.

Communicate across silos and other barriers

Our advisors have essential communication skills for the company that helps move beyond conventional silos and ensure that the right people are involved and educated. With feedback from those who will do the job, task length estimates and schedules are established from the beginning, resulting in a more precise and practical master plan. The Synergy One Consultancy approach also emphasizes routine reporting to the leadership team of progress and risk reduction activities, ensuring that everyone has the feedback they need to understand how the execution is going.

Develop a clear path to success

It takes a substantial commitment of time and resources to push any ERP project from preparation through completion. While it may be tempting to short-cut the project’s early stages and dive into motion without a consistent project charter and an awareness of the critical routes, the company and its implementation partners risk hitting the end of the project.

At the beginning of an ERP project, the consultants at Synergy One Consulting have the expertise and experience to collect the required data to ensure that the team sees the same image of progress and has a path forward that will allow them to achieve their objectives.

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